Tuesday, May 25, 2010

comment changes

Some of you have, over the course of my time blogging, pointed out that you couldn't leave a comment unless you were a registered user. Well, I have finally figured out how to turn this off. I will experiment with allowing any comments, including from anonymous posters, and see if that results in a ton of spam or random robot solicitations. If it does, I will make further adjustments. If not, comment away! I would like to know if more than 4 people are reading this at any given time.


Megan said...

You're not concerned about getting something like this, which I copied from my spam folder?

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Jason said...

I never get spam or unwanted comments. But that's probably because I have an "adult content" filter. Or maybe it's because I use blogspot? Anyway, I came from google reader to leave a comment so that you would know more than 4 people read your blog; assuming I'm not part of the 4. Which I doubt since I think this is the second time I actually clicked to your blog.

Now I'm going to highlight and try google translator to see what all the Russian writing says. Hope it's good.

Karen said...

Thanks Jason - I think.

Was the Russian worth the trouble? :)

Anonymous said...

Serious Midnight

I love reading your blog. There - now you know you have another reader. (Ziggy)

Karen said...

Awesome! Welcome, Ziggy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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