Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, so much for that

Tomorrow, I'll be home, after three weeks on the road in British Columbia.

And no, I did not manage to post from the road, all good intentions to the contrary.

Technology has failed me; or, perhaps more accurately, I have failed technology. I thought, naively as it turns out, that I'd be able to pull up a few pictures from my daily outings and post them along with some commentary. What I hadn't counted on was how hard this was going to be with the gear I had and my limited knowledge of my new iPad, which decided a few days into the trip that it needed a vacation too, mostly from me. So its internet functions just seized up, stubbornly turning the screen grey and refusing to open, or close, any screens. It also diabolically chose to mutiny when I was about 1000 kilometres from the nearest Apple store. Typical.

Yesterday, now back in Vancouver, I trudged over to the Apple store where the young "genius" at the bar fixed the problem in 20 seconds. They don't tell you when you buy one of these things that every application you open stays open, even after you think you've exited it. And so, after four months of putting up with me exploring all manner of things, it needed a rest - I had 37 apps open and running in the background. No wonder it was tired!

The good news is, my iPad is fine, and I now know how to not stress it out in future. The bad news is, I didn't have web access for much of my vacation. In hindsight, perhaps that was for the best, as my vacation has been great.

I'll download photos once I get home and post belatedly.


cpf said...

And if things really go wacky, hold down the sleep button until the Power-Off slider pops up, then slide that. Once it powers off just hold the sleep button again until the apple logo pops up. It'll reboot the entire machine, in my experience fixing a lot of weird issues I've had.

Megan said...

Yeah, I had the same issue with applications staying open. It's a neat feature that nobody mentioned to me when I got my phone. Too bad for my battery...